Christian Illusionist?

Magic isn’t necessarily a word that makes Christians comfortable, but once you’ve seen The MAZE you’ll be blown away by how this performance opens doors for sharing the gospel!

Jim Munroe and his team are Cru missionaries that tour the
country, using a unique form of entertainment to draw people into a conversation that breaks down barriers to faith.

At Kean University, the MAZE team performed tricks in crowded picture3areas on campus all afternoon, inviting them to the show. Later that night, there was a line out the door and nearly 300 students attended the event. Jim used math and science to create illusions that not only captivated the audience, but got them to doubt their own eyes and even their life choices. He then blew their minds with his testimony and nearly 40 students indicated decisions for Christ! Praise God! Please pray as we continue to follow up with students.

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