Campus Ministries Unite

Cru is certainly not the only college ministry operating in the US, and it would be arrogant for us to think we have a monopoly on how to reach students with the gospel.  To the contrary, Jesus said that it is when believers become ONE that the
world will accept our message (John 17:20-21).  The desire to grow and connect is why we were so excited to be invited to the Campus Ministry gathering hosted by Campus Renewal, whose mission is to
bring all the campus ministries together in prayer.

Erik from Episcopal Student Ministries prays with Jeff

Karen and I got to spend 4 days with 50 other pastors and campus ministry leaders at Chic-Fil-A’s beautiful WinShape Retreat in northern Georgia, building deep bonds and soaking in a ton of ideas for ministry. We were overwhelmed (in a good way!) by what God is doing through other ministries, and others were thrilled to hear about our own experiences as well 🙂  It was such a rich time of mutual encouragement and sharpening (see my notes here).

One great connection was with Angel, a recent graduate from University of Florida (UF).  Still processing the difficult emotions from his college friends graduating and going their separate ways, he is facing yet another major transition as he finishes an internship with his UF campus church.  Angel came to Christ from a very tough past, and wants to see the Lord use his gift for preaching to bless others.  He was so grateful for our prayers and pouring into him.  Please pray that we can continue to bless him.

Angel talking with Jeff while Karen talks with Jaleesa

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