What God’s Been Teaching Us (Nov ’18)

   At Cru, we’ve been going through a great Bible study together and the past few weeks have been about relating to people according to Romans 12:14-21.  Paul instructs us to bless those who curse us and overcome evil by doing good.  This is hard stuff!  In fact, it is humanly impossible, and that’s what makes it so special.  When we love our enemies, or those who are acting like it, that is a kind of supernatural agape love that doesn’t come from a sinful, human heart.  It’s injected into us as we receive the grace of God through the cross and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Living this out, however, is not a once-and-done thing.  I (Jeff) can go through seasons (or moments) where I demonstrate that agape love and then other seasons where I’m not plugged into the source of life and love. When we’re not plugged in, we can see others not as people to bless, but as mere floatation devices in our own private world meant to bring us what we need, or as obstacles to avoid because they are preventing our happiness.

I even simulated a dialogue of how Karen and I talk past each other during moments when we are not tapping into the source for our needs (check it out here).  When we are plugged in, though, and our own needs are met, we can really see other people the way God sees them and that’s when we will be doing our best to live at peace with all men and women!

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