Over Christmas break, about nine thousand students gathered in hotel conference rooms at 9 locations around the country for an intense week of spiritual growth and action.  Here’s how one student, Shalom, was impacted:

“[Before the conference,] I asked myself: at what point do I stop being a Chinese immigrant and start labeling myself as American? As years went on, I started to suppress my Chinese cultural identity and began to embrace the full American culture.

Now, after this conference, I no longer see myself torn between two distinctly different cultures but as a bridge to reach out to the Chinese/international communities around my school. I realized I was gifted the knowledge and understanding of multiple languages and cultures by God to be a missionary to my fellow classmates at UCI!” 

The event was an incredible spiritual accelerator for Shalom and the other 1,200 students attending in LA. They also had opportunities to share the gospel during the Day of Outreach. Stepping out in faith, many for the first time, in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results up to God… He allowed them to have 702 spiritual conversations with people around the city and 50 people prayed to ask Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.  Your prayers and support are helping students like Shalom reach their classmates with the eternity-changing love of Jesus!

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