Lupe, Victoria, and Julie are Hispanic students engaged with our Destino ministry in San Antonio.  This month, they attended the Destino Winter Conference here in Orlando, which Karen and I were able to help by connecting local Spanish-speaking churches.  They met with hundreds of fellow missionary-students to grow in Christ and learn how to better make Him known on their own campus.  They were able to share the gospel here in the city and were inspired to do more.

Because of the training and the outreach at the conference, they came back with a new heart to reach the community around their church.  They got permission from their pastor to have Destino come and train the church in evangelism.  The training and outreach are now planned for March.

This is just the sort of unity Karen and I are working toward.  These students are on fire for the Lord and they are gaining leadership and evangelism experiences that must be shared with the Church as a whole.  Only together will God complete the task Jesus prayed for in John 17:20-21.  Please pray for Lupe, Victoria, Julie, their campus, church and community.  Pray also that more students and churches would bind together like this!

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