Big Partnerships

Naomi and Peter

     God has given me a mind for strategy, and I’ve always been looking at how we could maximize our impact for the gospel. Yes, Karen and I can share the gospel with some students and disciple them to multiply that faith, something we love to do. But, what if we can ALSO teach others to do that? I can teach a handful of people around me and get them taking students out to share the gospel or sit down for discipleship. We’ve done plenty of that. But, what if we can ALSO teach denominational leaders how to teach church members how to reach students like that? Enter Peter and Naomi!

     Peter and Naomi (who are expecting their first baby any minute!) have been serving all of North America for the Anglican Church’s college ministries. He found out about what Karen and I do and reached out for what would become an amazing first conversation. On the call, he shared that there are 3 scenarios related to his churches and the local campus:

1. Distant – where churches & campuses are not near each other, they want to send students to our ministries and stay in touch with them from a distance.

2. Mega – big churches hire their own college missionary, potentially also connected and trained by us.

3. Pioneering – church plants or smaller churches can’t hire a college specialist so may have volunteers coached by my team, the Cru Coaching Center.

Please pray for Peter & Naomi, and for partnerships  like this with other denominations as well!

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