Progress in Seattle

     This month, I arranged for 10 of our Cru leaders to meet with 15 churches around Seattle and learn about their hearts for young people.  The goal is to build relationships with God’s agents in the city and connect them to the 21 “unreached campuses” in the area, schools that have no known gospel activity. 

     As I’m working through follow-up with those 15 churches, and about  60 more that weren’t able to meet that day, I’ve already gotten to have some incredible conversations that God very clearly set up for me in advance!  One of my favorite new friends is Pastor Paul.

     After 20 years of ministering to his employees at Taco Bell, God had already put young people on Paul’s heart. He built an internship program at his church where recent grads could grow in 1-on-1 discipleship, small group fellowship, and service.  Now, he has 75 students and young adults who want to launch Cru movements on their local campuses.  They’ll start by rallying behind a newly-wed couple, Sammy and Michael, who will launch at their campus of Pierce College, then use that as a springboard to the schools the others attend.  Please pray for Sammy, Michael, Paul, and the rest!

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