Winning Matters – The Testimony of a World Cup Star

Picture1     In Brazil, the world is fixed for a few weeks on these dedicated athletes.  For the past several years, though, Athletes in Action (our sports ministry) has been preparing for this moment, recruiting staff members and players as well as raising up churches looking to mobilize an effort that would expand the ministry in that country long after the World Cup is over.

We estimate that over 300 million people will see the video that they produced, The Prize, that has soccer greats talking about their faith in Christ.  Athletes from Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, Zambia and the US share their testimonies about how God sustains them through the pressures demanded of them, empowers them to do anything, and remains the foundation of their lives.  If you know a sports fan, connecting them to this video might connect them to Jesus Himself!


One testimony given is from Ricardo “Kaká” Izecson.  After being called the best player in the world at age 18, an injury almost took him out forever.  He says, “I learned to live each day, always waiting, knowing that God has the daily bread and having faith that things can change at any moment… Faith is knowing God is in control, even when things aren’t going as we want.”

They also prepared a sports-based Bible study that you can download free here.  Pray for Kaká and the thousands of students we will share the gospel with through their sports team this year!


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