Family Update

Picture2For us, this has been the Summer of Doctors!  Karen started a heavy regimen of chiropractor visits to correct multiple spinal issues, including a complete lack of curve in her neck vertebrae.  Karen has had terrible trouble with exhaustion, allergies and low immune system ever since college.  In the past 2 months, however, we’ve seen incredible progress in her quality of health, which has been a huge blessing to us as a family!  It’s also greatly helped us to minister to people around us and to take care of the kids’ medical needs.

Picture3Arthur began eye therapy, a true God-story even in the discovery of this alternative to surgery.  We discovered that double-vision causes him to subconsciously disable his left eye, resulting in his having only 1% of normal depth perception.  It was heartbreaking for us as we put on glasses that simulated the world through his eyes.  Still, we’ve already seen improvement to the point where, about 4 weeks in, Arthur wore 3D glasses and shouted “there are things popping out of the screen!”  He is starting to use both eyes at once which will mean wonders for his coordination, writing and a slew of other areas! Please pray!

Picture1     Of course no battery of doctor visits would be complete without a family dental trip.  Poor Katherine had 5 cavities!  It blew our minds, considering how small she is and how consistent we’ve been with brushing (she even  likes to floss… who does that?), but they said it can happen sometimes no matter what you do.  Well, God answered prayers and turned 5 cavities into 2 on our follow-up with the pediatric specialist, but she will still need to have oral sedation while they grind away half of 2 teeth and cover them with metal caps :(. Please pray!

As you can see, these appointments fail to dampen the family’s spirit of fun and warmth.  The kids bicker in spurts, but most of the time they are a delight to each other and to us!

Thanks for praying!

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