Fall Retreats

     On any given Friday in October you can be sure that, somewhere in the US, college students (many of them freshmen) were piling into cars and vans, and following GPS directions to a rustic camp site to play crazy games with new friends, sing praise songs, and listen to Bible messages.  It was a bit different from how many pictured college life, but they encountered Jesus in life-changing ways, many for the first time.

     Ben, a junior, reflected on his experience at Fall Retreat: “Coming out of all of the Covid changes in 2020, I hadn’t been on a Cru retreat since my freshman year and had no idea what to expect. Fall Retreat was absolutely incredible, going above and beyond in terms of community building and strengthening, gospel centered conversations in small groups, and excellent teaching. The Lord was working, and I was able to see that—not just through how each message and breakout connected to some individual aspect of my life, but also in the ways in which the larger Cru community became closer as a collective whole. Fall Retreat served as a way to decompress from the fast-paced nature of life [on campus], and to slow down and spend time with the Lord, to understand what it truly means to abide in Him and His love for us.”

     Please pray for the bonds and the gospel momentum to carry back to campus.

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